Drinking and driving should never go together, but Martini and the 917 LH are a match made in heaven. All was going well for the purple and green #3 917 LH "Hippie Car" at the 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans when it suffered an engine failure and had to retire. The long-tailed 917 returned the following year in its shiny new Martini and Rossi Racing livery, setting the highest average speed at 240 km/h (149 mph). Sadly the car failed to finish here too, but at least it looked fantastic. 

The 917 LH was developed as a low-drag, much more stable alternative to the terrifying 917 K, and was set up in particular to excel on the long Mulsanne Straight, where speed and aerodynamic slipperiness were key. Unfortunately every LH met a similar fate as the No. 3 Martini car, with none ever successfully crossing the finish line.

Porsche 917 - n21

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    Safe peel on peel off up to 200 times. Won't damage your wall.